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KDA Manufacturing LLC, provides many services such as repair and rebuild for large axial fans, inspection services and reverse engineering services.  

Our reverse engineering services have streamlined many of our clients' processes by providing fast replacement machine parts whenever necessary. Our professional CNC prototype machining services are available to you the second you need a custom machine part.

Axial Fans:

KDA provides an array of services that include Adjustable Pitch Axial Fan rotor and blade repair and reverse engineered replacements. KDA provides internal wear items for Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans such as Blade Shafts, Main Shafts, Regulating Arms and Blade Bearings.  KDA offers performance and vibration analysis to Mil. Std. 167 tolerances for all makes of large fans.  

KDA has a blade rebuilding programs that can add substantial longevity to fan blades. Erosion/corrosion resistant coatings, weld repair, and fuse bonding are some of the repair solutions we offer. We also supply replaceable wearing noses with hard chromium coating to the required specification.

KDA repairs, rebuilds and tests hydraulic control units; and replaces seals, re-chromes cylinders, and repairs pilot valve and housing. KDA offers renewal of all worn surfaces and replacement of bearings, and complete operational and pressure testing, including measurement of neutral pressure. 

Centrifugal Fans:

KDA Field Service includes fan and housing inspection, liner installation, damper and expansion joint repairs, balancing and laser alignment, and housing and wheel replacement and refurbishing.  

engineering, repair, rebuild services and reverse engineering


Fan services

Quality control​ inspection services

Our engineering and inspection services include state-of-the-art portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that are utilized for inspection of machined parts.  The management of work flow and shop floor control is completed by an Engineering Resource Planning system (ERP) system.  Raw material receiving, to first article, to in-process inspection, to final inspection is tracked and stored in KDA’s data collection system. Work stations (data collection sites) are in the Weld booths and CNC Machining workstations.  All routers (manufacturing details), programs, tooling information, and setup information can be reviewed at each process and are securely stored.  We have Level II inspectors, CWI and API endorsement.  We also have personell with magnetic particle certifications.