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Weld- Nondestructive Examination

  • We perform a wide range of NDE processes for both small and large component inspections. All our NDE programs are supported by ASNT certified Level III inspectors and all in-house level II certifications are conducted in accordance with SNT-TC-1A and NAS410.

KDA has a quality system that meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015. KDA has its U, S, and R stamps. KDA has certified internal auditors that conduct annual audits covering all KDA’s procedures and work instructions. These numerous qualifications allow KDA to support its customer requirements and needs.

Employee Training

  • All training records are to be maintained under each employee in KDA's MRP system. 
  • Management periodically reviews and re-certifies employees for operations where recertification is required or beneficial. Annual personnel evaluations are performed to assess effectiveness of training. Employee evaluations shall include goals for continual improvement 

Machining- Inspection

  • Depending of component complexity, for some components KDA will devleope a SpatialAnalyzer® Measurement plan.  This plan includes techniques and best practices for automating measurement, analysis, and reporting tasks in SA.

quality assurance

Equipment- Scheduled PM and validation

  • All our KDA's equipment complies with OSHA safety standards
  • Preventive maintenance programs are in place for all equipment, to ensure proper functioning of such equipment, per the procedure Preventive Maintenance. Records of preventive maintenance are recorded in the E2 MRP Software - Quality - Work Center Maintenance.  
  • KDA has two API laser trackers which are used for equipment validation prior to equipment being relesed to porduction.  All equipment must go thru at least one trial prior being release to production. KDA's lasers are used for machine Alignment and calibration.