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KDA installs 100 ton crane 

OCtober 2018

August 2016

ISO Surveillance  Audit--PASS
KDA successfully passed its annual audit.      

KDA Completed 1st Large Scale Assembly and Project Management

​KDA Manufacturing specializes in fabrication, machining and assemble large-scale projects. Our team is ready to support 1-time builds of custom equipment, or repeat manufacture and delivery of process modules and systems. Components, sub-assemblies or turn-key projects are an example a scope offered at KDA.  KDA’s worked closely with the customer’s team to determine and document the requirements for the project.  KDA offers a Monitor and Control that provides regular updates on actual project progress.  This extra-large/heavy assembly incorporated KDA’s laser trackers for final alignment.  

JUNE 2018

October 2017

ASME Certification 

 KDA is now certified to manufacture pressure vessels and holds ASME Code R, S, and U stamps.  KDA has undated its Quality Control System to now include ASME Code Section I, ASME B31.1, ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1/ and Shop and field repairs and alterations to metallic pressure-retaining items (PRI) such as ASME Code Section I and Section IV Boilers, Section B31.1 Power Piping, Section VIII Div. 1 Pressure Vessels and non-ASME code items in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).  KDA uses The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. as its 3rd party inspector. 

Cincinnati 5 axis Vertical Gantry milling machine Online
KDA released a Cincinnati 3-Spindle 5 axis CNC vertical Gantry milling machine to production.  In accordance to KDA’s ISO procedure, Equipment Validation, the Cincinnati can now be used to manufacture customer’s parts. The work envelope for this machining is one of the largest east of the Mississippi River – 75 feet in “X” and 24 feet in “Y”.  

ESAB Plasma/Oxyfuel Burn Table with plate inventory

​KDA has installed an ESAB Plasma/Oxyfuel Burn Table.  The ESAB plasma table has a 300 amp Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut 300XT Plasma Cutting system with Thermal Dynamics iHC XT plasma height control.  The high capacity Oxyfuel side has the ability to cut 12 inch thick material.  The Plasma/Oxyfuel Burn Table combined with the plate inventory KDA maintains provides KDA with quick turn around when required.  

KDA Manufacturing was featured in the Norton Post, read more about our new "green" factory.

december 2017

WOSB Certification 

KDA Manufacturing LLC is now a WOSB.  The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has certified KDA as a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).  This certification is part of the SBA's WOSB Federal Contracting Program.

KDA Manufacturing, LLC certified  to the 9001-2015 standard.

We  are delighted to serve our customers even better through  the  well-defined  and documented processes this  certification  requires. While  we've  always  been  committed to quality in our products and services, this certification ensures a more productive environment through faster identification and resolution of quality issues, among many  other benefits.  

january 2020

april 2017

august 2020

august 2020

KDA - Completes first transport of Special Super load

KDA has the experience and the ability to transport oversized super loads on it's own trucks. 

KDA Manufacturing Expands Assembly and Project Management Capabilities  

​KDA expands assembly capabilities to include sandblast/paint, electrical wiring, hydraulic and pneumatic piping, and load/balance testing.  Added these capabilities, to existing KDA’s 100 ton lifting, 35ft under hook assembly bay provide a true turnkey assembly operations.   KDA’s “everything under one roof”, approach, ensure that KDA can manufacture for less, while retaining complete control over production and quality. KDA Expands Project Management to Include 24 hour drafting capacity.  From drawings and engineering to quality checks, we can roll, cut, mill, weld, and everything in-between to deliver the exact equipment as the project requires.

​KDA Received Occupancy Permit- 1/10/17​

KDA Manufacturing installs Horizontal Closed Loop Geothermal Heating System

KDA - Adds CNC/Manual Machine Services

KDA has the experience, expertise and the ability to disassemble, move, re-assemble, diagnostic, repair and test all makes and models of CNC/manual machining/turning machines.

november 2016

July 2019

February 2019

Royal Tool Pre-Setter

KDA purchased two Royal Tool Pre-Setters.  These heavy duty cast iron tool presenters are engineered for maximum rigidity and precision.  Heavily ribbed cast iron base provides superior structural integrity, and includes precision pre-loaded roller vee slides and precision roller bearing ISO 50 spindle with non-deforming brake and Backlash-free linear drive nuts.  The measuring electronics of each unit are designed to be user friendly and include RS 232-C / V24 interface which is integrated into KDA’s DNC management system and includes integrated post processing of tooling information. 

Toshiba 7-Axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill 

​KDA releases to production a Toshiba 7-Axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill with extra features and capabilities.  In accordance to KDA’s ISO procedure, Equipment Validation, the Toshiba can now be used to manufacture customer components.  This CNC mill offers 5 sided contouring machining capabilities, with 100 tons of weight load abilities.  Travels include over 40ft in X axis and 10ft in Y axis.  The 12 Station automatic head changer houses 12 assorted milling spindles and angle heads, that provide extra reach, “A” and “C” Axis and the ability to reach into small openings.  

Implements KDA’s Machinist Apprenticeship program
KDA adopted a competency-based approach for training and qualifying its machinist apprentices. The apprentice works alongside qualified journeyman machinist instructors. In addition, each apprentice receives significant related instruction to ensure they have the needed knowledge to safely and successfully meet the objectives of the program. Training is a combination of live classroom training, web-delivered instruction, hands on tutoring, and on the job learning (OJL).  KDA’s Machinist Apprenticeship program meets the standards approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

November 2018

september 2017

September 2018

SNK 5 Axis Machine Center Online
KDA has released a SNK 5 axis machining Center to production.  In accordance to KDA’s ISO procedure, Equipment Validation, the SNK can now be used to manufacture customer’s parts.  The SNK has a work envelope of 60 cubic inches with a pallet rotation and tilting system.  The accuracy of this machine is excellent. 

ISO Surveillance  Audit--PASS
KDA successfully passed its 1st year annual audit.  As of October 2017, KDA Manufacturing, LLC has been re-certified to the 9001-2015 standard.    

O-M – Vertical Boring Mill

​KDA releases to production an O-M – Vertical Boring Mill.  In accordance to KDA’s ISO procedure, Equipment Validation, the O-M can now be used to manufacture customer components.  The O-M can turn a part that is 23 feet in diameter and weighs over 65 tons.  All the critical precision surfaces have been recondition and there accuracies are excellent.  

April 2019

KDA renews SAM, CAGE and obtains JCP approval
KDA has continued to look for opportunities that  include expansion into Department of Defense business by obtaining U.S. federal government's System for Award Management (SAM), a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code, and Joint Certification Program approval.   

KDA Transit Delivers Oversize/Overweight Load

​KDA Transit has the ability and knowhow to safely load and transport oversized/overweight loads.  The ability to pickup and delivery is oversized/overweight products provides an extra convenience to KDA’s customers.  

KDA Purchases E2 Shoptech MRP System,

invests in a DNC network, data collection sites, and Dell servers, switches and operating system. 

First International Shipment
KDA is pleased to have provided component for a new customer who exported KDA's work into the Asian market.  As part of KDA's marketing strategy, KDA targeted customers who KDA would partner with to help expand exports. 

october 2016

May 2019

February 2018

APRIL 2020

October 2019

Art of Measurement 

KDA purchased TWO – API Laser trackers PLUS Spatial Analyzer software from New River Kinematics.  Laser Trackers are extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machines that enable KDA to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely. KDA’s Laser Trackers optimize workflow productivity management for large-scale metrology applications including, but not limited to, assembly alignment, part and assembly inspection, machine installation and alignment, and reverse engineering

january 2017

january 2017

august 2017

September 2016

Meta-Lax - Vibratory Stress Relief system

KDA has purchased a Meta-Lax Vibratory Stress Relief system from Bonal Technologies.  Meta-Lax® is the world’s most consistent vibratory stress relief for metal structures.  The patented sub-harmonic Meta-Lax process is the only vibratory stress relief process that is consistently effective in comparison to thermal stress relief.  In fact, Meta-Lax consistently achieves equal to or better results than thermal stress relief. 

International Exports Continuing to Expand

​KDA was chosen to provide a finished product that was exported for a USA based customer.  This project included KDA's full service of engineering, print development, raw material purchasing, material burnouts, welding, stress relieve, machining, prime and paint and special crating for export shipment.  Data collection, material certification and documentation control was critical. Export crating, shipping and paperwork was completed by KDA

August 2019

Starts 2nd Shift- Machining

​KDA has put in place all the support and infrastructure to start a second shift machining operation.  This enables KDA to provide over 20 hrs per day of continuous machine capacity for critical path projects.  

May 2018

ISO Surveillance  Audit--PASS
KDA successfully passed its annual audit.      

August 2018

June 2017

In the news

July 2016

Starts 2nd Shift- Welding

​KDA has put in place all the support and infrastructure to start a second shift certified welding operation.  This enables KDA to provide over 20 hrs per day of continuous welding capacity for critical path projects.