• On-Site Blast and Paint
  • Stress Relief Oven
  • “High-Bay” Final Assembly
  • Large-Part Balancing
  • Helium Leak Testing
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Helium Leak Testing

  • KDA has developed a comprehensive, in-house, leak-testing capability. Our leak testing procedures are approved in accordance with ASME Section V Article 10, and ANSI N14.5.

Large-Part Balancing

  • KDA can measure and balance large components on site.

KDA is well equipped to handle any standalone largescale fabrication and machining requirement as well as to assemble and test to exacting requirements. 

Stress Relief Oven

  • KDA has in-house capability to stress relieve large components and assemblies over 30 ft.

“High-Bay” Final Assembly

  • Our 13,125 sq. ft. High-Bay Assembly area is where we do the bulk of our heavy lifting. Our 200,000 lb. lift capacity in this area is capable of handling the largest components.  We also have in-house capability to design and build lifting rigs tailored to your specific project.

On-Site Blast and Paint

  • KDA has in-house capability to blast, prime, and paint components and assemblies over 50 ft.. Our portable paint booth provides a controlled, dust free environment, when both conventional and airless methods are used. Cincinnati Gantry – 5 Axis – CNC     (1056” x-axis, 216” y-axis and 56: z/w-axis)
  • Our Cincinnati is a traveling bridge type high speed CNC 5 Axis Machining Center with a work envelope of 1056” x-axis, 216” y-axis and 56: z/w-axis.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

  • KDA performs its own in-house hydrostatic pressure testing in accordance with ASME Section XIII, UG-99.


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