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KDA has an integrated ERP system that provides early visibility of inspection, test, and examination requirements and allows for seamless traceability of quality data to the proper manufacturing operation.

KDA’s CAD/CAM software enables us to download 3-D solid models directly into our CAM software. These models are used to verify CAM data and to optimize CNC machining techniques. KDA uses Vericut to help our programmers to detect errors or inefficiencies before the part is actually loaded onto the CNC machine. KDA also employs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Flow Modeling and Finite element analysis (FEA) computer modeling to aid in identifying stress analysis on fans to find any structural or natural frequency issues with the fans and to predict the fatigue life of fans.

Engineering Software:

  • Mastercam 5 Axis Plus Cam Software
  • Solidworks 3D Modeling Software
  • AutoCad
  • AutoCad Inventor
  • C.G. Tech Vericut NC Verification Software

information & engineering systems